One man, Jonathan R. Ellis. Three women--only one of them would be strong enough to carry his last name--tumble together in the white-hot southern heat of South Carolina. The first woman taught him how to be a lover, a slave, a Dom. The second woman taught him how to embrace his humanity, give more, take less. But the third woman, Vivian A. Bruno teaches him the most valuable lesson of his life. How to accept the fact that being broken isn't necessarily a negative thing when three conditions are met: (1) the only reason to break is for love, (2) leave all the bullshit in the discard pile, and (3) don't ever let what breaks you leave you with a Broken Soul.

ÂMES EN MIROIR (Book Two of Broken Souls Series) COMING AUGUST 2020!             (NOT AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER)


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Six months ago, Vivian A. Ellis sacrificed her entire soul to the only man worthy of such an act. 

Now they find themselves on the other side of their choices, and they're realizing the consequences far exceed the rewards.

John and Vivian must pick up the broken pieces left behind after going through the looking glass. It's time to rebuild wiser, stronger, more resilient versions of themselves.

Will they continue to shatter the destroyed halves of their souls or will their love and passion be enough to repair what was broken... enough to lead them back through the looking glass with Mirrored Souls?

THE ORGANIC PARADOX (Book 1 of Amalgamation Trilogy) IS AVAILABLE NOW!

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Vatruvians are anatomically comparable to human beings... same body parts in all the same places--if on a slightly larger scale, so it makes sense to pair with their small human counterparts to ensure the survival of their race. Earth is more than excited to work with the alien race of beautifully advanced Vatruvians. Each leader has chosen one male and one female to become a triad with a Vitruvian bonded pair.

It is an honor to have been chosen, but for Sebone it is also a dream come true! She has never been accepted by the men who should love her, so she is excited to become a part of a triad with Mateo and his bonded mate, Leeza. Sebone has prepared her home, informed her job, and made peace with those who abandoned her when they found out she accepted the contract.

Mateo and Leeza have been bonded for some time now and although it is not natural to bring another person into the bonded pair; Mateo is more than excited to meet the small human called, Sebone. Leeza is not as excited about bringing an inferior female form into their bond. From the moment they touch down in Sebone's yard, Leeza decides she doesn't want this to work. The moment Leeza watches Mateo's eyes start to glow upon seeing the small shiny human female, she knows she has to do whatever it takes to keep them away from each other.

Will Sebone finally find what she's been looking for in her Vatruvian bonded pair or will it only lead to more heartache and pain at the hands of a jealous Leeza?

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