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Since Jonathan Ellis left his hometown at the age of 17, he was considered an adult by the courts. He had wealth, intelligence, looks, and enough sexual experience to satisfy any woman he chose. The life he walked away from was riddled with violence, sexual deviancy, and death. He went to college looking for normalcy, but there’s no escaping the white heat of depravity flowing through his veins… not even for her.

Vivian Bruno thinks she knows who she is and what she wants. Although she is shy, and her sexual experiences have all been forced, she is confident she can have a normal relationship. She's alone in the world and does not want to cede her new-found control for any reason, but Jonathan Ellis isn’t just any reason. What he makes her feel just may be worth giving him her willing submission. 

Jonathan and Vivian are a match made in the underbelly of antiquated southern ideas, family secrets, and swallowed insecurities and lies. Will they somehow find a way to take all the hurt and broken pieces to build something stronger than their pain? Or will he break her in the most destructive way imaginable?

Publisher's Note: Âmes Brisées includes spankings, sexually explicit scenes, profanity, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don't purchase this book

The Organic Paradox is the first book in a new SciFi-Erotic novella series, Amalgamation. 
What if genitalia were reversed for men and women, but hormones stayed the same?  What if men had the vaginas and uterus but still produced testosterone and sperm? What if men got pregnant and carried and delivered babies? What if women had large penises and ovarian sacks full of eggs and they still produced estrogen and had breast?
She chose to explore these questions through the genre of science fiction because this genre allows readers to suspend belief in reality and honestly consider the plausibility of a parallel dimension where a race of human-like people need to vacate their world before it dies and the only dimension comparable to theirs is modern-day Earth.  

The Vitruvians are anatomically the same as humans; with a slight variation.  The need to continue their race forces them to procure one human woman for every Vitruvian mated couple.  The triad is for breeding only, no one is supposed to fall in love or get attached, but relationships are never that simple and ultimately, biology and reality reveal a truth which requires more than either of three bargained for. 


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