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Plot Twist and Why We Love Them

“Decide today that there’s going to be a plot twist in your life story. Be that twist.”― Toni Sorenson

Surprise... I bet you didn't think that would happen, did you?"Oh my gosh!  Why didn't you tell me that was going to happen at the end of the book?" I love it when a beta reader or any reader, really leaves me a comment with some variation of that question about something of mine they've read.  One of my best reviews to date on Amazon is titled An Unexpected Twist.  I love that the reader thought they were getting one thing and then; BAM!!! I hit them with the old plot twist.
Not every story has to have a plot twist, I guess but the ones that do are a hell of a lot more fun to read.  What is exactly is a plot twist and why are they so effective when executed correctly? According to my goto site for writing information, NY Book Editors, a plot twist "is a surprise development in your story." This writing technique can be used anywhere in the story, and so…

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