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To Swear or Not to Swear... Who the fuck cares?

A Brief History of Swear Words I'm not going to bore you with the etymology of swear words, but it is important to note that most of the words considered as curse or swear words have Germanic and/or Scandinavian origins and were spoken mostly by regular, everyday people. For the sake of time and brevity, let's agree that the problem with swear words is who's associated with using them. It really is more an issue of class, than an issue of language acquisition and/or acumen.  This is the post that set it all off. Someone posted this on Twitter and @J.Motoki posted the question to "#WritingCommunity I'm curious if you agree with this post. Do you use swear words in your work?"
The thread blew up and caught my attention. I didn't respond to the thread because I knew I'd be writing about it on my blog, but let me share some of the responses from Twitter.

Michaelanne Sux At Life But Is Good At Write @MichaelanneSux 4h Replying to @J_Motoki There is classi…

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